RCF Near Fields – Ayra Series

RCF Active Near Field studio monitors – the Ayra series

RCF have been around for some time, almost 70 years to be exact. Named after the initials of the first three shareholders (but also formerly known as Radio Cine Forniture?), the company invested in the manufacture of ribbon microphones. With concerts becoming more electronically amplified RCF soon turned their art to the manufacture of transducers and the release of OEM devices for loudspeaker manufacturers in the USA and Europe.

RCF Ayra 8 - Active Near Field Monitors
RCF Ayra 8 – Active Near Field Monitors

When one does feel the urge to find out more about this company and their products the internet is strangely quiet. My first experience was actually in trying to get my hands on a pair of Yamaha or Behringer Truth monitors but the sales person motivated the sale of the Ayra 8s.  Pressed for time and knowing nothing about RCF except their use in large stage arrays I only did research after I laid out the cash.  Look, in all honesty the audio industry is amok with clueless critics tearing apart well known brands without thinking of the consequences (forum trolls, trap bait and undeserved criticism) – but I hardly see RCF comment.  Continue reading “RCF Near Fields – Ayra Series”

Speaker Impedance: 4 Ohm or 8 Ohm

Speaker Impedance and amplifier design


There’s been a lot of techno speak on the various forums to readers about the advantages of using loudspeaker impedances of specific values, some even discussing the merits of 4 Ohms as only being used in very high end systems. The question here is based on another question:  If a great sounding system works well driving an 8 Ohm why would you then think a 4 Ohm would make it sound better?

2 Way loudspeaker crossover
2 Way Loudspeaker crossover – Wiki Commons German Wiki Frank Klemm

Certainly car audio is often found with 4 Ohm speakers, sometimes in parallel to get 2 Ohms.  Does it sound better than 4 Ohms?

Is a system designed to drive an 8 Ohm speaker then  inferior to that which can drive a 4 Ohm speaker? Continue reading “Speaker Impedance: 4 Ohm or 8 Ohm”

Micro and Mini sound systems versus Dock

Logitech Bluetooth Receiver

The iPod Dock and Other Things

One of our readers,  13 year old Craig wants to know why we don’t do reviews, especially on docking stations.  Unfortunately as we don’t retail products and neither get support from resellers or manufacturers in this beautiful land of ours this can be pretty difficult unless we go out and buy the stuff ourselves.

Castle Knight 1
Castle Knight 1

What I can tell you is that over the years a common problem picked up is dirty or broken contacts in the dock which although replaceable does make it a weak link in the interface.  Line inputs are a better way to go but now that from Bluetooth 2.0 and up, wireless seems to be the cheaper and more practical way to go.   Docking stations are still popular but the home user wants more exciting permutations. Continue reading “Micro and Mini sound systems versus Dock”

Bose Speakers

Why Bose speakers are so expensive

Recently whilst trolling through Quoro I came across this gem, written by Neya Rangesh.


For many of us the article resonates (pun intended). I have owned a set of speakers which was supposedly entry level but which sounded on par or better than some of the more expensive out there. In fact I have build my own speakers which sounded better than most out there using simple pine wood. If braced properly why not? (audiophiles cringing?).

Yes, I do believe human experience is the best measure of a loudspeaker system and the 901s prove it.


Bose 901