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Pre-amplifier with headphone amplifier  


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23/06/2017 6:28 am  


I have a cheap DAC which I would like to incorporate into a pre-amplifier for turntable as well as 600mV to 1V line use. The output needs to be in the vicinity of 1V – 5V R.M.S.  I want to add a class A headphone amplifier as well.  Most of the circuits don’t have the additional headphone amplifier. I have searched high and low and cannot find a unit which is either not commercial or tube.  Can anybody assist? 


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23/06/2017 6:48 am  

Hi Brad

Welcome to the forum.

For starters have a look at Paul Kemble’s page on John Linsley Hood designs – this page covers both headphone amp and RIAA pre-amplifier

If I was you I’d look at the kits from China advertised on eBay.  Drop a line if you need guidance. There’s a few loyal subscribers here that are way more educated than myself in these matters 🙂




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23/06/2017 6:38 pm  

Hi Brad

I am more into car systems than headphone amps but have built a similar version to the IRF610 DIYaudio amplifier which you can couple to any decent Velleman kit.  If you really want to go high end, try this one. Problem is most of the components aren’t available in SA. Otherwise build the DAC into a 2nd hand NAD1020. Plenty of space.

And of course, who hasn’t heard of Rod Elliott – headphone amplifier to blow the cobwebs from the head. Don’t forget project 88 and 91, the preamp and RIAA preamplifiers.

Why I usually go to Rod Elliott first is his circuits and explanation always gives food to thought.  We should be supporting him here.

Anyhowz, hope you come right

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