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Classic 50/50 tube sound  


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18/06/2017 3:41 pm  

Hey all, I am new to this forum – my name is BotHead.

I am a bottle fanatic, hence the name.  Jokes!

I read our article on the classic 50/50 which uses 8 EL84 tubes. I have repaired a few of these over the years but need to add something: Dimension. These amplfiers run firecracker hot but rarely strangey enough have I found catastophic tube failure, there’s always a bit of life in them even though the supply runs at 450V. Impossible you say. Yep, just check the schematic.

I wanted to add that the output transformers here are small and do not lend themselves well to bass response.  Yes, they work fine for lead purposes, for which these amplifiers are known.  I don’t play the guitar but pals do and they make these amps sing.

But for vinyl, just be aware.

I too would like to see more local manufacture and some write-ups about the stuff us locals do. 

Can you add a section in for just guitar amplifiers – that would be cool.

Cheers ‘n Beers