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18/06/2017 8:26 am  

I South Africa we aren’t really spoiled for choice are we.  Most kits one can buy will have to come through eBay.  The L20 is a good choice. But what about home supply. We have the 150W MOSFET Elektor / Maplin amplifier from Yebo but very little else  unless you look at local suppliers of Velleman – Communica and Rabtron, if they have stock.  Most electronic components suppliers have moved over to IoT, Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects. This is understandable but our own searches don’t produce much – maybe it’s time we crowd funded some imports?

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18/06/2017 3:13 pm  

Hi Admin

You are bang on there.  There were multitudes of electronic kit suppliers in South Africa 30 years back and lots of personal assistance from experienced counter sales people. I do believe that at one stage Hamrads, ERS and Cape Electronics were the main retailers in Cape Town. From now everyone in the business seems to have gone the IoT route which shows promise but not to us die-hards.

I live in Claremont CT and my first call is Yebo, then Communica or Mantech then RS.

There’s lots of goodies coming in from China these days.  We need a Chinese store in CPT with big buying power – or not?  I love Yebo but they often don’t have stock.

Best of luck with your venture.