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Akai M8 – fine vintage deck and amps  


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18/06/2017 3:50 pm  

Hi there guys and girls

Glad to see you have a forum now.  I had an M8 in for repair two years back but couldn’t get any spares. Now I see one in an article and was wondering on availability of rollers and cams in South Africa. I monitored Gumtree for about three months with no luck.

The M8 has beautiful mic response and first class phono preamp.

Where did the writers of the column lay their hands on this beautiful piece of gear? Just in case 🙂

BTW tapes are a hard to find item as well.  Those that sell don’t know about shedding and all they can tell you is they work fine. 

Have an awesome day!

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19/06/2017 6:00 pm  

Hi BotHead

Thank you. Hopefully this forum can assist those in need of project or technical assistance.  I recently purchased two M8s off Gumtree. They were not in pristine condition – fortunately these sellers were both in Cape Town. I have purchased mechanical parts off eBay but I gather most people looking for these decks or older are after their mono block units for pre-amplification. The quality of vinyl reproduction is good but not fantastic.  The microphone preamplifier is also good.  M8 mechanical parts are hard to come by.

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