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Upgrading Audio Mixers – Dixon PM121USB  

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Good morning to the AI forum

I signed up today after reading the blog on the Dixon PM121USB.  I can buy one locally for about R2 500.00. It has a few cosmetic scratches and three fader knobs missing.  I would like to strip this and rebuild with newer grade chips. Has anyone actually done this?  The quality and what you get for your Rand is not all that bad considering it’s an active mixer. I see it uses S.M. components. I don’t want to spend too much, this will be more a project than anything. But I need technical assistance here on the spec before and after.  I have until Friday 23rd June 17:00 to take it or leave it because of the week-end sales.

Needed urgently, please.


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Greetings Hex

Welcome to AI!  Thanks for the forum team… I promise I won’t troll. 🙂

A couple of pointers here Hex:

The PM121USB is legendary in music circles in SA, whether for DJ, budget band use or even home.  At R2,500.00 I don’t know – I like my gear to look pristine, bad cosmetics is a put off. DJ’s pulled these through their arses. If this works fine right now along with the effects then maybe one could take a chance. I would have preferred all the knobs though – knock the price down to R2k.

These are surface mount but you can in fact solder sockets – see the image file here.  There’s a lot of fun out there when it comes to rolling opamps, so go to this link on DIY audio website. I have done neither.

The amplifier spec is I think 200 or 300W into 4 Ohm load.  Ummmm, don’t think so but I can tell you that the toroidal replacement price in SA  is  >R1200.

The preamps on this unit are very quiet. There is NO +48V or phantom power.  So when doing a mod with new chips do make a plan with this. Be careful of switch-on thump.  Plenty of circuits on the net.

Hope it all “pans” out.