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Local manufacture – Cape Town PCB  


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20/06/2017 6:13 pm  

Hello all

Been around for a while, posted on your old forum but I see everything’s changed. 

Does anybody know where the PCB manufacturers are in Cape Town?  There used to be a place in Brackenfell but I don’t have any details. A counter assistant told me they were next to Good Hope spares but didn’t find anything. If a manufacturer gets back to me here, looking at 160mm x 100mm and later Eurocards for amplification and lighting equipment.





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20/06/2017 7:14 pm  

Yo Django – are you chained and welcome to the forum!

I do believe there was a company in Brackenfell in the upper industrial area.  I met a guy who worked there.  In a pub 🙂 But hey,  try Procircuit –  20b Tredoux Street, Beaconvale, 7500, Cape Town, South Africa

Single sided printed circuit boards 1 Layer

We supply FR4 material single sided circuit boards with 1 copper layer of 35micron thickness (standard) The base material thickness is usually 1.55mm thick, also available from 0.8mm -3.2mm depending on stock availability.

Double sided through hole plated printed circuit boards 2 Layer
Through hole plated double sided PCB’s are supplied default with 18 microns of copper, other copper thickness available is 35micron or 70micron.

Multi layer printed circuit boards 2 to 32 Layer
Multilayer circuit boards vary between 2- 32 Layers with copper signal layers.

Metal Core Circuit boards
Mainly used for LED applications which require the substrate to act as a heat sink , metal core PCB’s are supplied on an aluminum substrate of 1.55mm and copper thickness of 35 micron which are insulated from the aluminium base material.

Flexible Circuit boards
Construction of flexible circuit boards can be with a Base Film 12.5μm, Copper Foil 18μm
Adhesive 10-20μm, Coverlay Film 12.5μm depending on your requirements. We also stock polyimide with a 18 micron thickness.”