Our Music

Our Music, our South African Heritage

Welcome to South Africa, a country with some exceptional talent in any town or city. Coming from hundreds of different cultures, a mix of local and international sounds, the genres are often South African specific. Kwaito is a typical example of this.

Like politics and religion we don’t squabble about who is better, we all have our own tastes and beliefs. I am not a big believer in only promoting local is “lekker” through all our FM and TV stations only because this is what we saw and heard through the 70s and 80s.  Keep it station specific then.  One thing is certain though, we do have many artists of international standard.

Piracy is seen as our given right.  As this is akin to stealing money right from these artist’s pockets it can never be condoned. Think of where some of our artists would be today if we had paid for the music. This applies to all recorded formats.

Moving forward this page will link to some of our more famous groups, solo artists and street baskers. Remember Rod Stewart?

Article One:  SA Music – The beginning  25-02-2017

A brief look at some of the top South African bands pre-current and current, introducing The Parlotones and Prime Circle.