Suppliers – Resellers

As a fellow South African feeling the pinch it’s great to know that we still have some gems in the market place giving exceptional service without any form of a get-rich-quick scheme bubbling in the background.

We will list the companies on this page and why they are listed. Registered users are welcome to participate.  This would include brick and mortar as well as online stores.

Note that Analog Ian is not connected through any means to any of the companies listed below.

Typical examples here would be:

Yebo Electronics in Cape Town, the original Maplin in South Africa is a great store to visit and of course their online facilities are quick and easy to use.  Keeping most components for key projects in the analog and digital world they are manned by friendly staff. Collection and courier only.

Pro-Tecc in Durban, sister company to DIYElectronics and PQSound is another great store but potential customers should note that it best they do online ordering first. I would assume through experience the company takes their security very seriously so be aware that there is no great shop entrance, welcoming all and sundry to buy and steal. Their online ordering system is painless (for all three stores) and service is very quick.  Collection and courier only.  I’ve been using them for a few months now and they are highly commendable.

Lantis Electronics in Pretoria – I have only used them once (stylii and cartridges) but I was extremely impressed. (along with other colleagues in the Midrand area). Their service is impeccable. Jolene deserves a thousand kudos.  Hendri sticks by his mission statement. And no, we are not an affiliate, just when any company can get off their butts and do something about the appalling lack of service in this country then they deserve all the credit. Courier and possibly collection.

Govan Mani. Currently residing in the Durban area for a few months word must be made of specialists Govan Mani. They are based in La Lucia, Westville, Pietermaritzburg and Durban. Super friendly and knowledgeable staff. Their pricing is really great – nice to see things in step with the rest of the world and making it affordable to all South Africans. Walk in store.

K  Measure in Pretoria. Impressive service and credibility, supporting education in the electronics engineering sector and for their own in-house award winning innovation, the SeeBox.  What we may lack in the class room we don’t lack in innovation, K Measure is an outstanding example of what can be done in our very own private sector.

Just a pity such ingenuity gets marred by our political ineffectiveness.

Rabtronics. Vereeniging. Wow! Order your parts on a Monday evening and get them on a Wednesday. Another gem.  I have seen them pop up every now and again when doing searches and decided to use them because they had some components which I could not get anywhere else.  This was plastic enclosures at a reasonable price.