Analogue Routing – patchbays and cables

Samson S-Patch Plus

Patchbays – routing your signal

Note:  This is a preliminary article and will cover the construction of a basic Arduino controlled patch bay/audio signal router.  Users should be aware that manufacturing a patchbay as a DIY project can and will will be very expensive. The Samson S-Patch Plus retails for between R2000 and R2500.00 in South Africa.  A parts B.o.M places this project at about R5 000.00. However, careful consideration of B.o.M (input types) and digital control will be infinitely cheaper than an electronic audio signal router off the shelf.

The Samson S-Patch Plus is remarkable in that it tidies up your flow,  gets rid of unsightly cables, is quick and affordable.  If you are like me you prefer to purchase pro series audio because it’s modular and often cheaper than commercial consumer integrated audio.  So you can throw away the parts you don’t like and only add that which you deem necessary and very importantly, have some control from the PC or laptop.

This comes at a price of course, spaghetti!  And if you are like the mechanic whose car never runs properly this spills down to never being able to find that missing plug or socket. To be honest, pro audio can be a nightmare.

Samson S-Patch Plus
Samson S-Patch Plus

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IoT – A cynics viewpoint of Internet of Things

Raspberry Pi B+ 4 USB slots and Wi-Fi

Internet of Things – but let’s be cynical

Catch our grabline, “The more it changes, the more it’s the same thing.” Some interesting things to call up here through:

  • Is the Internet of Things really about to change our landscape?
  • Kevin Ashton’s coining of the phrase “Internet of Things” more commonly known as IoT I don’t think is all that original.  Insights into the marvel of the internet was already the talk of the town in the 50s/60s with the assumption that the entire globe would be interconnected one way or the other through terminals, computers and switches.
  • Read about J.C.R. Licklider’s Man-Computer Symbiosis
  • Big Blue president Thomas Watson states  “I think there is a world market for maybe five computers” in 1943.

And how we scoffed. Well of course now with Cloud services one wonders who is correct?

Arduino Due - the Pi competitor, 32 Bit ARM processor
Arduino Due – the Pi competitor, 32 Bit ARM processor

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