Soldering and Rework Stations and other Kit

Magnum Rework Station 3005

The best soldering iron and rework stations for the job?

Of course this is a commonly asked question and the reply will always be to get the best one can afford.  Most home users are now spending a lot more money on getting better quality soldering and rework stations to complete projects. Cheaper irons, the home store DIY project types are not designed for intricate electronic circuitry.

Weller WSD81
Weller WSD81

There is no thermal control, the stupid tips wear away after ten minutes of use and after an hour one can hardly pick the thing up because it is radiating more heat than Koeberg. So bottom line, get one for an emergency – it will only last a day.  Do not use it on CMOS or static sensitive devices, just for simple home wiring.

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Building circuits and PCBs

PCB - layer side soldering

The ultimate connection

Building electronic circuits is a fascinating pastime and if not your profession many new adventurers find the world of SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis), building PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and getting a professional finish rather scary. And expensive!

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